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snewton_MGT 305 SG C1 - o Job satisfaction positive feeling...

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MGT 305 STUDY GUIDE – CHAPTER 1 Suggested areas and topics of study in preparation for Exam # 1 Scientific Method and its relationship to the study of OB=uses methods to develop and empirically test generalizations about behavior in organizations. Contingency Thinking= rather than assuming there is one “best” way to manage people , OB recognizes management practices must be tailored to exact fit . Contingency approach =seeks ways to meet the needs of different management situations. The Shifting Paradigm of today’s work force= Open Systems=transform human and material resources inputs into finished goods and services. Stakeholders=people and groups with an interest or “stake” in the performance of an organization The Management Process= o Effective manager- is one whose team consistently achieves high performance goals o Task performance-quantity and quality of work produced
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Unformatted text preview: o Job satisfaction- positive feeling about one’s work and work setting • The 4 Management Functions= o Planning- defining goals, setting performance objectives, identifying actions. o Organizing-creating work structures and systems, arranging resources to accomplish goals and objectives. o Leading-communicating with others, motivating them , and maintaining good interpersonal relations o Controlling-ensuring things go well by monitoring performance and taking corrective action • The Nature and Roles of Management Work=they work long and hard, normally with other people , they are the communicators. • Skills= o Technical skills- ability to perform specialized tasks o Human skills- ability to work well with others o Conceptual skills- ability to analyze and solve complex situations • Vertical verses Horizontal Organization Structures=...
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snewton_MGT 305 SG C1 - o Job satisfaction positive feeling...

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