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necropolitics and blood diamond

necropolitics and blood diamond - Lauren Miller English 101...

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Lauren Miller English 101 Charles Renno December 2, 2007 “Diamonds are Forever Deadly” From the time you are born to the time you die you are controlled. You go through stages of rebellion in your life, where you just don’t want to comply. Your “no” phase as a child, your rebellious teen and college years, and even your midlife crisis where you buy yourself a cool new Harley. But all this time you’re following rules, whether it be from your parents, your teachers, or the government. Why do we follow these rules though? Because we are afraid of punishment. We don’t want time out, we don’t want detention, and most of all, we don’t want the death penalty. To rule over someone or someplace, and prove your authority, you must have the courage to punish, and take life if needed. This is touched on in both the movie Blood Diamond and the essay Necropolitics by Achille Mbembe. The prefix necro, or necr comes from nekros, meaning corpse in Greek. In English its meaning is broadened to symboli ze death as well. It’s used in words such as necrophilia which means to have sex with dead bodies. The article Necropolitics is about just what it looks like when you break it down. Necro and politics, death in politics. When is it O.K. to kill someone? When is it not? How powerful is the fear of death? Or how powerful do you have to be to kill?
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When you think of the word “blood diamond” what comes to mind? A diamond so deep red it is similar in color to blood? Or something more morbid? Blood diamonds might as well be called Necrodiamonds due to their sinister backstories. Blood diamonds refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually illicitly, in order to finance a rebellion, invading army's war efforts, or supporting a warlord's activity. This often results in death and bloodshed, leading
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necropolitics and blood diamond - Lauren Miller English 101...

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