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Vegetarial Proposal SPEECH

Vegetarial Proposal SPEECH - Lauren Miller English 102...

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Lauren Miller English 102/ Jessica Zelieke April 7, 2008 Proposal Written as a speech ::Picture of a lion hunting a gazelle:: We see here a lioness swiftly chasing after a gazelle to feed her family. Her strong back legs and large muscles help her glide as she runs to catch prey. ::Picture of the lioness and her family eating the gazelle:: We see here the lioness and her family tearing into the flesh of the animal eating it in its raw. Using their sharp claws and fangs to tear, chew, and rip apart their dinner. Now, can you imagine humans in this scenario? Most people can’t. This is because our bodies just weren’t designed to eat meat. On a carnivorous animal such as a lion or tiger we can see that it has claws and sharp pointed teeth both used for tearing apart another animal. A carnivore also has no pores on their skin and perspires through the tongue to cool the body. They have acidic saliva to help digest the meat and an intestinal tract merely three times its own body length for the rapid passing of decaying meat through the body. When we look at herbivores they are the exact opposite. Herbivores have no claws, perspire through pores on their skin, have no sharp teeth but instead flat back molars, have stomach acid twenty times weaker than that of carnivores, and an intestinal tract several times its own body length. A human has every single asset that an herbivore is described as 1
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having. So how many of you eat meat? How about eat meat once a day? How about TWICE a day? Well before you continue with this there are a few things you should know about what you are putting in your body. We hear almost every day that there is another “new discovery” of yet another bad food, or yet another pesticide you could be eating. But many of us don’t realize that one of the easiest ways to keep ourselves healthier and stop eating things like those pesticides and food diseases is to stop eating one large food group: meat. Other than health people give up meat for various reasons. Religious reasons also keep people from eating meat. In the Jewish culture you cannot eat pork and in the Rastafarian religion you are required to be a vegetarian. In many Hindu and Indian religions the consumption of meat is not allowed as well. There are economic reasons for being a vegetarian also. Meat costs a lot of money, not only to raise and produce, but also to buy from the store. Author of the book Baby Vegetarian explains how eating meat helped her budget her funds in college. “I lived with meat eaters in college, and had to pay only a small portion of the weekly budget since meat comprised
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Vegetarial Proposal SPEECH - Lauren Miller English 102...

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