Assignment _2 - Climate Change-1

Assignment _2 - Climate Change-1 - Name _ _ (include here...

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Name __ __ (include here or lose a point!) Physical Geography Assignment #2 Climate Change Part I . View the short video found on the website: (Under “Related Topics” click on “Global Warming Videos”. Click “Global Warming”, and then click on the video entitled “Global Warming 101”). If for any reason you are not able to view this animation, you can find the information on and in your textbook and lecture notes. Answer the following questions: 1.4) Why is global warming linked to the greenhouse effect? How does the greenhouse effect work (use the website, your text and the lecture notes)? The burning of fossil fuels contributes almost entirely to the greenhouse effect our earth is receiving. The types of gases known a greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and fluorinated gases. These gases get trapped in the earths atmospheric layers and when sun rays enter the ozone they’re kept in and raising the earths temperature. Ways we’re trying to reduce the gases is to set up greenhouse gas inventories for developed countries. This inventory basically is setup to show a projected amount of gases released and to not go over the amount. 5-6) Is the greenhouse effect always a bad thing? Explain your answer.
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Assignment _2 - Climate Change-1 - Name _ _ (include here...

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