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15. False, the accounting format will left justify the currency symbol, add a comma for every thousands place, add two decimal places, and place negative numbers in parentheses. 16. False, the number entries will be truncated if they are too large to fit into a cell, and you don’t use wrap text for that. You just need to make the row or column bigger to fit the whole number into the cell. 17. You must select a color and line style first when using the Border tab of the Format Cells dialog box. 18. The difference between a mediocre and professional-looking spreadsheet is often the result of formatting techniques. 19. To change data in a cell, you can double click on a cell or by using the formula bar. 20. The cursor must change from a white plus sign to crossed arrows before data can be dragged to a new location on a spreadsheet. 21. False, the column does not remain; the column before or after it will be shifted to fill
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Unformatted text preview: the deleted column’s place. 22. Columns are inserted to the left of an active cell, and rows are inserted above a row in an active cell. 23. The Format icon in the cells section of a ribbon is where you can change the color of a worksheet tab. 24. True. 25. To see if there are any hidden spreadsheets in a workbook, select the Unhide Sheet option in the Hide & Unhide submenu of the Format icon. 26. To change the order in which these tabs are displayed, simply click and drag a worksheet tab to adjust the order. 27. False, you are able to print all of them at once. 28. False, the grid lines don’t appear when a worksheet is printed out. 29. To get column or row headings to print on every page you click the box next to the Print option if you wish to print out the column letters and row numbers....
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