Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - -Well-developed nervous system -Includes...

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NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 SECTIONS 001 and 002 Spring 2008 DR. STEVEN POMARICO Outline 2B CHAPTER 23 Animal Diversity II: Vertebrates The last group of animals features four new characteristics (see fig 23-2): Notochord Nerve cord Gill slits Tails The organisms with these (and other features) are the: Chordates - Phylum Chordata The characteristics include: -Cephalization -Segmentation (reduced but present) -Closed circulatory system -Excretory system
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Unformatted text preview: -Well-developed nervous system -Includes groups with: No skeleton - invertebrate (see fig 23-2) Primitive cartilage skeleton - jawless fish (see fig 23-3) Cartilage skeleton - cartilaginous fish (see fig 23-4) Bony skeleton - bony fish (see fig 23-5), amphibians (see fig 23-6), reptiles (see fig 23-7), birds (see fig 23-9), mammals (see fig 23-11) marsupials and monotremes (see fig 23-12)...
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Chapter 23 - -Well-developed nervous system -Includes...

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