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Chapter 26 - NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 SECTIONS 001 and 002...

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NOTES FOR BIOLOGY 1002 SECTIONS 001 and 002 Spring 2008 DR. STEVEN POMARICO Outline 3C CHAPTER 26 Plant Responses to the Environment Plants perceive and respond to environmental stimuli by regulating growth and development through the action of chemicals called plant hormones or growth regulators. What are the stimuli that plants receive from their environment? Direction of gravity. Direction, intensity, and duration of sunlight. Strength of the wind. Phototropism (the bending of plants towards sunlight) was the first plant response discovered and studied by Charles and Francis Darwin The Darwins experiments (see page 520) found that: 1) The region below the tip of a grass coleoptile bends towards light 2) Covering the tip with an (dark) opaque cap stops the bending. 3) Covering the bending region does not stop the bending. How does the plant bend?
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One side gets longer than the other. More cells or longer cells? Peter Boysen-Jensen discovered the mechanism of the bending.
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