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-The Kurdish piece of the Iraqi puzzle, seems to be almost timeless. -Centuries of disagreements and problems exist between the different ethnic groups within the country. -US-Stable Iraq-will support Kurdish cooperation in an Iraqi framework. -There is a reluctance from the US government to recognize the Kurdish nationalist movement, because of the possible reaction and threat from the Turkish government. -Kurdish point of view -Power has historically gravitated towards the Baghdad center. -16 th century, the Ottomans seized Baghdad, until WWII and the fall of Turkey. -The Mandate period- This was when the geographic outlines of modern day Iraq were developed. -During Iraq’s first 26 years as a state, Iraq was neither democratic nor independent. -The military has continually had significant influence in the country and was
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Unformatted text preview: often viewed as an elite group.-The Shiites and Kurds have never had the appropriate power in relation to their actual population.-Rising Arab nationalism clashed with the governments necessity to keep ties with their former colonial rulers.- The government found itself in an awkward position, wanting to support Arab nationalism around the world, but not wanting be to be distanced from England/France.-The Baath party was established as an opposition movement. They eventually assassinated King Faisel and the Iraqi royalty. Iran/Iraq war--Border disputes, concern over resources.-Iraq attacked Iran preliminarily, and then proceeded to attempt to take over Iran.-The war was very bloody and went on for 8 years.-The US supported Saddam and Iraq, so that there was a counter balance to Iran within the region....
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