Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Chapter 5 Vocabulary - Brain Drain Capital Leakage...

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Brain Drain Migration of the best-educated people from developing countries to developed nations where economic opportunities are greater In the 1980s, Jamaica lost 60% of its newly trained workers to the United States. Likewise, Haiti lost 20% of its most educated citizens in 1980. Capital Leakage The gap between the gross receipts an industry (like tourism) brings into a developing area and the amount of capital retained Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) A regional trade organization established in 1972 that includes former English colonies as its members Proposed an ambitious regional industrialization plan& the creation of the Caribbean Development Bank to assist poorer states Chain Migration A pattern migration in which a certain area becomes linked to a particular destination, such as Dominicans in Queens, NY Generally, one family member at a time is brought over to a new country Circular Migration The temporary labor migration in which an individual seeks short-term employment overseas, saves money, and returns home Creolization The blending of African, European, and even some Amerindian cultural elements into the unique sociocultural systems found in the Caribbean Diaspora The scattering of a particular group of people over a vast
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  • Spring '08
  • Patzewitsch
  • Caribbean Development Bank, large Caribbean islands, small Caribbean islands, Caribbean agricultural estates

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Chapter 5 Vocabulary - Brain Drain Capital Leakage...

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