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final study guide - Study Notes for Final Exam: Names...

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Study Notes for Final Exam: Names  Babylonian Period  -- Persian Period  --  Hellenistic Period  --  Maccabean  (Jewish) Period  --  Roman Period . Alexander the Great -- Macedonian general who conquered the Persian Empire beginning in 331 BC and transformed that empire through implanting Hellenism. Died in 323 while attmpting to revive ancient city of Babylon as a regional capital. Daniel refers to him as a "male goat." Antiochus Epiphanes (IV) -- Seleucid ruler who outlawed Judaism during the Intertestamental Period. Began his rule in 175 BC. He sacrificed a pig on the altar of Jerusalem in 167 BC. His surname means "Manifest God" Antipater I -- Father of Herod the Great. An Idumean selected by Pompey to rule over Palestine on behalf of Rome beginning in 63 BC. He later delegated part of his responsibilites to his son. Artaxerxes I -- Persian ruler during the 2nd and 3rd returns from exile (under Ezra and Nehemiah) Belshazzar -- Babylonian ruler at the time of the fall of Babylon. Actually, he was co-regent under with his father, Nabidonius. The "handwriting on the wall" interpreted by Daniel was for him. Boaz -- Kinsman-redeemer in the story of Ruth. Was Ruth's benefactor and later her husband. Was great-grandfather of King David. Cyrus II
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final study guide - Study Notes for Final Exam: Names...

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