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Exam review questions - B Study Suggestions from the...

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B. Study Suggestions from the Introductory Material 1. Know the various forms of biblical criticism (T,L) Lower criticism- textual(understand manuscripts) Higher criticism-Literary(author), Historical, Form(oral passing), Redaction(viewpoint) 2. Be familiar with the following terms: revelation, inspiration, plenary verbal (L). 3. List the major geographical divisions of the land of Canaan (in order), and be familiar with their characteristics (L,T) 4. Be familiar with the following terms: fertile crescent, tell, Documentary Hypothesis (including the meanings of J, E, D, and P), Septuaigint (L,T) 5. What are the four steps in the formation of the canon? (L) 6. List the three major divisions within the Jewish canon; also be prepared to list the books within each division (L) Torah Genesis exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy Prophets Former Joshua
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judges Samuel kings Latter Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel 7. Be familiar with the following: Rosetta stone, Moabite stone, Stele of Merneptah, Siloam Inscription (L,T) C. Study Suggestions for Unit I 1.
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