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Harlaxton Tips - Mary's Harlaxton Tips 1. When you arrive...

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Mary’s Harlaxton Tips 1. When you arrive at Harlaxton, go straight to the pile of hairdryers, straighteners, etc., and grab what you want. There are tons of stuff so don’t fret about not getting anything. 2. The Carriage House is really fun. Don’t freak out if you are assigned to live there. I loved it!!!!!! It was so nice to be away from the place that you were having classes in. (Mary: I lived in the manor in the 500 corridor and loved it! If you do live there make sure you go outside whenever you can because you can go days without going outside, which isn’t good!) 3. The Goose is a great, cheap place to drink and eat. They are everywhere in England, including Grantham and London. 4. Try a snakebite (it’s a drink). It’s amazing…. .especially if you are wanting to be a cheap drunk for the night….two of those and I was good….but I normally had something else!!!! 5. Shout, a club in Grantham, has all you can eat and drink on Saturday nights for 9 pounds. Tell them you are Harlaxton students and go in a big group to get a discount. 6. For your independent trips, the GNER train goes straight to Stansted. For Gatwick, you have to take a train to Kings Cross and then Kings Cross Thameslink to the airport. For Heathrow airport, take the train to Kings Cross and then the tube to the airport. Heathrow is the hardest to get to, Stansted is the easiest. Get a student card for GNER it’s definitely worth it…especially if you plan a bunch of independent travel. 7. In my opinion, if you want to go where the school is going, take the school trip. It is great because you don’t have to go through the hassle of planning, and you get to stay in a hotel, usually in a good location. 8. They have hangers in your room at school when you get there. 9. They have drying racks in the room. 10. Bring a rain coat. Usually it is too windy for an umbrella. It is easier if you have a coat with a hood. True that!!!!! 11. Use old tests to study for British Studies. They help a lot. I’ll give you all my stuff from British Studies….well at least to someone that is going….I look out for my Chi O’s! (actually ask Michelle Balich about where the stuff is because I left it all with her, and she is suppose to have left it for y’all at Harlaxton somewhere) 12. Have a graffiti party in the bistro on the last night. It is where everyone wears white t-shirts and you sign each other’s shirts. It provides a lasting memory and is a fun way to say goodbye. And if you have any embarrassing moments while you are there that’s the night that everyone remembers them the most 13. I didn’t think the London Eye was worth the money. 14. Go to the Tower of London.
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Harlaxton Tips - Mary's Harlaxton Tips 1. When you arrive...

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