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jessica simpson - Hayes 1 Jessica Simpson: Truth or Lies?...

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Hayes 1 Jessica Simpson: Truth or Lies? “I see a lot of change in my life right now. I’m really grasping hold of what I want for the first time,” says Jessica Simpson (Cohen). In Adam Sternbergh’s essay about Britney Spears, he says that “Spears just is a series of contradictions.” Critics think that is also true about Jessica Simpson. She says her thoughts in interviews and then completely contradicts herself by her actions. “We are interested in fame: its’ pure, bright, disembodied effervescence…What makes glamour is like lights on a marquee, is the repetition of the familiar sounds of adoration, the same babble of irony, the same vulnerable creature we don’t really want to read about (Roiphe 381).” Everybody is looking for fame; to some people it doesn’t matter how they get it. Jessica Simpson grew up in Texas, and that was where a small Christian music label found her – singing in her church. They signed her on, but the cd was never released due to the music label going out of business. She began touring for the Christian Youth conference, and her cd was sold after the show. Tommy Motolla, the CEO of Columbia Records got a hold of her demo cd and signed her on. Her father, Joe Simpson, a former youth minister became Simpson’s manager (Jessica Simpson). Her debut album Sweet Kisses came out in 1999 and sold over two and a half million copies. Her first single, “I Wanna Love You Forever” became platinum, and her second single was with her boyfriend Nick Lachey from the band 98 Degrees. In the beginning of her career, she won two Teen Choice Awards. One was for choice Breakout Artist and the other was for Love Song of the Year for her song “Where Are You?” (Jessica Simpson).
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Hayes 2 A major part of Simpson’s identity was that she was going to remain a virgin until marriage. Simpson claims that she doesn’t use sexuality to boost her career, but that’s one of her many contradictions. Her song “The Sweetest Sin” is about losing her virginity
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jessica simpson - Hayes 1 Jessica Simpson: Truth or Lies?...

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