First return from exile 537

First return from exile 537 - Malachi gives both sides of...

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First return from exile 537 Darrius I king Zachariah 1-8 Eight visions very cryptic apocalyptic Tullock has good outline of visions*** Joshua vision may be vision of Jesus Haggai 2 1 General idea temple needs to be rebuilt 2 ‘dreams’ about a new temple Obadiah Shortest book in old testament Kingdom of edom Petra capital Malachi (last book in OT) Malachi means my messenger Possibly title Takes dialogue form b/t people and God
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Unformatted text preview: Malachi gives both sides of conv. Corruption in priesthood is addressed Looks ahead to “the one who is coming” Tithes mentioned Joel Second of minor prophets Story to be carried on through generations Locusts eat everything other locusts leave behind Enemy will do same thing v. 28 old will dream dreams and young will see visions...
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