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Chapter 7 Axial Skelton I. Aging of the Skull a. Most significant growth occurs before age 5 b. Fontanel – regions b/t cranial bone that are thickened, fibrous membrane remnants that are not yet ossified; dense regular connective tissue i. Function: to facilitate in childbirth; head gets narrower from side to side – parietals overlap and occipital slips under ii. Adjust to expansion of brain II. Divisions of Vertebral Column a. 7 cervical vertebrate – part in which skull rests b. 12 thoracic vertebrate – anchors ribs (2 on each bone) c. 5 lumbar vertebrate – curved structure compliments gravity “shock absorber” d. 5 fused sacrum e. 4 fused coccyx Clinical View: Spinal Curvature Abnormalities p.204 a. Kyphosis – a “hunchback” look caused by osteoporosis, heavy weight lifting, demineralized
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