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curing nad paraphrase - f. Yes g. Yes h. Partially, because...

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Daniel Park Writing 140 Part 1 Introduction 1. Development, gift, richer, opportunity, achievement, ability, goal, citizen, immigrant, education, hard work, success, status, prosperity, family, wealth 2. Yes. The key terms are achieving, wealth, family, life, culture. 3. The terms that is important are essence, dominant First Body a. Yes b. Yes c. Yes d. Yes Second Body e. Yes
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Unformatted text preview: f. Yes g. Yes h. Partially, because the ideas do not flow. Yes, because it made me think whether or not if the paragraph leads and relate to the introduction. Part 2 A. My friend always used to play games at my house. B. I always bought the new games. 1. My friend always came to my house to play games to show off that he was the best....
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