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img081 - General Biology 102 Laboratory 3 Name Section Date...

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Unformatted text preview: General Biology 102 Laboratory 3 Name Section Date STUDY SHEET: ANIMAL DIVERSITY III 1. Name the four major defining characteristics of the Phylum Chordata. I . {wracked ‘ > 1‘ MM“ “flax! fl?” Sh t$ or JDOV’LCi/té'é 3 Dorsal hollow meu’v‘e (Dr J L? ~ fostaafl “tail 2. In the section drawn to the right, in which the gut tube is labeled (g), label the nerve cord and the notochord. V6 0? K... (“or 3. Define the following: a. frontalplane 939 passes <10er mint: told“: ml Jun-469 filter (wot), mew Jamal owi WMVOJ part; b. transverse plane page; Verpemolrwtar ’to file (003‘ was 39% Love: 4. How would you decide whether a "fish" you caught was a member of the Chondrichthyes or the Actino terygii? Give 2 defining features of each class. _ 2.2-»WMNNMM At t éécaa m (overeat L7! 960467 (lam/id o9“ gone 5. Which group of vertebrates a. has feathers (give class name) fl Veg b. has hair (give class name) MW wot (? 0L 0. lays leathery—shelled eggs (give class name) W: (01:1 [ Ta d. lacks jaws (give common name of group) 09 mflftlam $ 6. Give 3 defining characteristics of mammals. Mar V\»O\\((/v\ Lioo (Abel MWMOUKY fl (UH/mil Spring 2008 1 ...
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