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Final Paper Preparations - Final Paper Preparations ENGL...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Paper Preparations ENGL 1023 Formatting 12 point font; serif font ONLY Double space entire text Use either default margins or 1 inch Margins Use proper heading, title, and page number format Italicize all subheadings used in paper Right justify in MLA Meet 6-8 page requirement Components Log 6--Topic proposal Annotated Bibliography Peer Workshop Paperwork Paper Appendix (if necessary) Works Cited page Sources Make sure that you give me a copy of the sources you use in your paper Only turn in the pages you use in the paper --I do not want the entire article, book, etc. For interviews, give me your notes; for surveys give me your notes of the results Highlight or Underline the passages you cite in the paper so that I can find them If I have to hunt for what you cited, I will move on and you will lose credit Turning in the Paper The paper is due when you come to class on Monday/Tuesday You will get the first 20 minutes of class to get organized After 20 minutes is up, WA 2 is due and will not be accepted afterwards Turn in the paper in a folder I prefer not to have binders for this WA ...
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