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Iran -Does Iran have a nuclear weapons program? -Where is Iran coming from and where is it going politically? -What are Iran’s relations with its neighbors? -Is it supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents? -An armed and hostile Iran is a disturbing development in IR. -What is Iran getting involved with nuclear power/weapons? Why are certain countries speculative of this position? -What is Iran’s role within the Arab/Muslim world? -Shah of Iran is overthrown -Hostage crises takes place. -Daring rescue effort during the Carter administration. This turned out to be a disaster. This led to the belief that Carter had ruined our National defense capabilities. -US defense spending was raised by 25%. -The Shah acted as if he was a democratic ruler, searching for reformation, yet maintained more of an autocratic society. -The Shah’s government was accused of acting in an extremely corrupt manner and suppressing human rights. The Secret police was accused of torture and various others violations. -The Ayatollah Khomeini began to gain ground among the Iranian commoners. Oil
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