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image010 - 3.83{afliivem flim=1.55at1n...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.83 {afliivem flim=1.55at1n, film=llfififlatm snde=Lflflatm Raoutt'slawstates: Pmflxafli,m+xa£e.m Toseiveforthemotefi'aetionsofhandflmase: X*+XB=1,aadfl1erefore:XB=l+Xfi. Substitufingintotheeqaatienabmreweobtain: PH=XAPLM+(1—Xh)fi_m. Behringforxfi: and X5 =t—X,‘ =1—fl.389=fl.511 {b} The gaephase mole fraction is given by: : (1339-155 atm = [”503 atm PB =Xampam =t}.t‘iII-fl.65fl atm=flt39T atm Pm =Pp, +.PIf =Ifl.fifl3 atm+fl.39? atm=1fiflatm I: = Xhmphm and 0.603atm H.39Tahe X =——n=e.ee X =——-—=e.39’}' M“ 1.00am: 3’ “'9“ lflflatm {e} Qualitatively, as the boiling proceeds. the liquid becomes enriched in eompomnt E, the less 1r.I'olaj‘ile oompooent. The gas phase, on the other hand, starts out higth enriched in the more volatile oomponent. eomponent A, but will slowly gain more of component B as the boiling processproeeeds. ...
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