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Daniel Park Writing 140 Assignment #1 Ad Analysis 1. A key term that would use to characterize the ad is education. This ad ties into the “American Dream” because the girl wants to succeed in the future. 2. The moods in the ad are security and comfort. The sales appeal is the chair and the ad’s version of the “American Dream” shows comfortable because she is happy the way she lives. 3. The foregrounds of the picture are the books and the background is the flag and the house that the girl lives in. 4. The image of the ad has the indirect appeals that draw upon the images. 5. Yes, there is \ “secret self” elements in the ad. The girl has a goal that she will be able to be successful and be wealthy. 6. There are products that appear in the ad that is likely real-world context like the
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Unformatted text preview: house. The house is old and seems to be in a bad or a ghetto neighborhood. This means that the girl is learning and trying to go to a good college so she wouldn’t have to become like her parents when she is an adult. There is no product that shows generically conventional context. The ad and the publication that I found suggest about the “American Dream”. The ad and the publication desire to look pretty and be successful. 7. The ad shows positive; however, it shows negativity because of the American flag. In the ad, the American flag is droopy and dirty. 8. The exclusion that is necessary in the ad is the family. The family is necessary because it shows how the parents work hard to support the family and the hardship that the family when through....
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