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Lect 27 Add slide - heterozygous will show F2 phenotypic...

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©2003 C. Brachmann 1 The analysis of genetic variation through  experimentation • First, estimate  σ 2 e  before  σ 2 is measured.  To compare two populations, inbred lines are crossed. All F1 are  genetically identical and any F1 phenotypic variance is  σ 2 e .  The F2 generation will segregate for all genes that are 
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Unformatted text preview: heterozygous; will show F2 phenotypic variance σ 2 p’ with both σ 2 g and σ 2 e components. • σ 2 g is calculated by subtracting σ 2 e from σ 2 p’ . σ 2 p σ 2 g σ 2 e + =...
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