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1 Daniel Park Section # 64375P Enfield February 4, 2008 Essay #1 1243 The “American Dream” The “American Dream” has been an essential part of the American society’s development from its small colonial roots to the now dominant patriarchal consumerist culture. The “American Dream” has been defined eloquently by James Truslow Adams, “If, as I have said, the things already listed were all we had to contribute, America would have made no distinctive and unique gift to mankind. But there has been also the American dream that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.” The “American Dream” epitomizes the goal of every citizen and immigrant that America is in essence a meritocracy and that through education and hard work it is possible to achieve both absolute success. By achieving a higher status than where people started, they can measure the relative success by comparing their newfound status with their peers. Even though the “American Dream” emphasizes prosperity, it also carries connotations of an ecstatic, American nuclear family, which is a prefabricated image that is similar to those of the products the family consumes. Though the ideal “American Dream” of achieving great wealth, a loving family, and a peaceful life remains intangible to most if not all Americans, corporations and companies who run the consumerist culture often prey on the society’s biased ideals often explicitly link the “American Dream” with their product, promising all if not a part of the “American Dream” to enter their lives if consumers purchase the products. In the first advertisement by Norton Anti-virus, the company attempts to portray the
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2222222222222 - 1 Daniel Park Section 64375P Enfield...

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