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Daniel Park Writing 140 Fact or Idea: Los Angeles 1. city:centered, there are many other counties that are outside of LA such as Beverly Hills 2. located in a desert: the climate is great, it doesn’t rain a lot or snow. Temperature is moderate 3. busiest in US: economy is good, there is a lot of traffic and lot of cars 4. ethnically diverse: LA is culturally mixed and diverse 5. air pollution: there are places that are dirty such as Downtown, too many cars in
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Unformatted text preview: LA so the air is pollution is bad 6. education: top schools where children can learn and want to go, there are a lot of variety of schools (private and public) 7. population: the population in LA is increasing, there are different races, LA is getting crowded 8. economy: a lot of industries, one of the best economies in nation...
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