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IMG_0000 - Chapter I Human Biology Science and Society 2...

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Chapter I Human Biology, Science, and Society 2. ,1i:, ,". stay healthylu"g try the way, what ls a proper diet? Who^sho_uld pay for health care f".ifr. o""rl Our knowledge has advanced rapidli.-ny the end of thir book you will knJw more about genetics and evolution than did the scientists who ".is#il;;;;;loped the theo_ ries about them. With knowledle.";;;;" responsibility for making choices. Fro.m globil _;;;;; to genetic engi- neering ro personal health,lach of u"_rrlt deal with issues that concern our well_being and ,h";;; of the biological world in which we live. We owe it to orr.rJrr"s, as individu- als and as a- society, to acquire the knowledge and skill we need to make intellipenr decisionr. Vouf.froices can make a difference. ffi $deamp Science and technology have improved the human con_ dition. Science cannot, however, resolve'moral dilemmas. Sci_ entists can advise us on issues of science, but we as a society must decide how to put this scientific knowledge to use.
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