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statsHW2 - Homework 2 Module 2 Displaying data 1 Suppose...

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Homework 2: Module 2. Displaying data. 1. Suppose one hundred eleven people who shopped in a special T-shirt store were asked the number of T-shirts they own costing more than $19 each. What percent of people own at most three (3) T-shirts costing more than $19 each? 2. 50 part-time students were asked how many courses they were taking this term. The results are below: # of Courses Frequency Relative Frequency Cumulative Relative Frequency 1 30 0.6 2 15 3 a. Fill in the blanks. b. What percent of students take exactly two courses? ______ c. What percent of students take one or two courses? ______ 3. After reviewing a movie, 400 people rated the movie as excellent, good, or fair. The following data give the rating distribution. Construct a pie chart to represent the given data set. Excellent Good Fair 80 200 120
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4. A teacher asked each of her students how many novels they had read in the previous six months. The results are shown below. Construct a frequency table for the number of novels read.
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