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Cognitive Approach - approach the snake A snake in outcome...

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Cognitive Approach 1. Basic concept a. Processes of thought can cause behavior –symptoms of psychopayhology are frequently cased by maladaptive patterns of thought b. Schema – habitual patterns of thinking through which we evaluate our situation CONDITION EFFECTS ON EXPECTANCIES EFFECTS ON EMOTION And behavior Same sex adult Change in efficacy(motovation) and some Approach the snake Handling a snake change in outcome reduced anxiety Child hanldling change in efficacy and no change
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Unformatted text preview: approach the snake A snake in outcome no immediate anxiety reduction Child handling no chane in efficacy or outcome no approach to snake A large dog no anxiety reduction Control – no video no approach no reduction Changing the way a peron processes information about situations (expectancies) significantly affects behavior and emotion Most important expectancies to work on: efficacy expectancies...
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