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OBnotes1 - –production/engineering • 60s-70s> can we...

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Power : potential ability to influence others so they do things they would not do otherwise Bases of power: -Coercive power: fear -Reward power: positive benefit -Legitimate power: authority of position -Expert power: expertise, skills and knowledge -Referent power: identification with person Primary Base of Power for Past US Presidents: -Kennedy: Referent -Ford: Legitimate -Carter: Expert -Nixon: Coercive -Reagan: Reward -Clinton: Expert/Referent Power as Dependency: •The greater the dependency, the greater the power “•A” has power over “B” to the extent: -“A” has control over something “B” values (importance) -“B” cannot obtain it elsewhere (scarcity) -“B” cannot easily find substitutes for it (non-substitutability) Changes in Power-Dependency Uncertainty Absorption: • 10s-50s-> can we make it efficiently?
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Unformatted text preview: –production/engineering • 60s-70s-> can we sell it?-sales/marketing •80s-> can we finance expansion?-financial/legal •90s-> can we innovate/change ourselves? -R&D/HRM •2000-> Differences in Power-Dependency: Professions and Professionalization •Compensation & prestige of professions (ex: barber vs. medical doc) •Need to professionalize: Barriers to entry •Business schools and professionalization Organizational Politics: •using power beyond formal role to gain rewards •Reasons:-scarce resources-different interests-ambiguous goals and performance outcomes-technical and environmental uncertainty-organizational change •Political techniques:-controlling information and communication-controlling agenda and decision making parameters-game playing -impression management-building coalitions...
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