Movie: Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind

Movie: Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind - pollen floats...

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Bi Sci 001 Monday February 15, 1999 Announcements: Review Session tonight at 110 Wartick Lab, from 6:30-7:30 Lecture notes: Movie: Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind Hammer Orchid * Uses male wasps to transport pollen from one plant to another. Deadly Water Lily * Kills insect in first day by leering it into pool of poison. At night the flower closes and the poison washes the pollen off the incest to fertilize the eggs Sticky Lily * Uses "rotting meat" stench to attract and trap blowflies. * They lay their eggs but the maggots die. * The stamen bursts and covers the flies with sticky pollen. * The lily then releases the flies to fertilize other flowers. Ribbon Weed * Female floats on surface attached to the base by what looks like a ribbon. * The male releases pollen but only a few reaches the surface because fish eat them. * When they reach the surface the jewel casing burst creating a raft that the
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Unformatted text preview: pollen floats on. * When the pollen is within 1 inch of the female it sets a direct course of fertilization. * The fish are then used to disperse the eggs. Arctic Rose * Uses heat and food to attract insects. * Has a rotating stem that allows it to track the sun at all times. Jungle Bucket Orchid * Lives on rain and rotting leaves. * It has one and only one pollinator, the iridescent pollen bees. * Bees also need the flower to reproduce. They use the wax from the flower to make a perfume used in mating. * The bee falls into the pool of pollen, it then finds an escape tunnel that the flower creates especially for this purpose. At the opening of the tunnel it is grasped by the flower like a vice while the flower glues two pollen sacs to the bees back. * Then the bee that has the pollen sacs falls into another pool and fertilizes the flower....
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Movie: Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind - pollen floats...

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