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Self disclosure - Just because you have a similar situation...

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Self disclosure - the helper reveals information about themself in order to facilitate the client’s thoughts - important in humanistic therapy because you want to be real and genuine in the relationship - ADVANTAGES of personal story telling o The client can see you as a real person with a history o Restore balance of control o Enhance report o Largely spontaneous o Allows you to be spontaneous o You can be a model for appropriate self-disclosure to your clients o Shows that the helper is human and grapples with human concerns - OBSTACLES o Give out too much information (almost be a historian) o Watch out for projecting your own feelings on to the client
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Unformatted text preview: Just because you have a similar situation in reality as the client, that does not mean they feel the same way about it However, rely on your gut for “I wonder if…” situations o Helpers that have their own unresolved issues and are using their clients to work those out-Pick something in your past that you have: o Resolved o Worked through o Gave you a new perspective o Helpful to the client o Doesn’t make them feel too vulnerable-Keep disclosure short, concise, focused on the client-After you finish self-disclosure put it back on the client with an open question o Do you feel that way at all?-...
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