2 Myths & Media

2 Myths & Media - Provide our social framework May not...

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Media (what we think we know about crime) Myths – power and functions Myth makers – mass media and government Ideology of crime Assignment #1 - Media/myths o we all enjoy good stories o myths have power and run wild o Myth – a traditional story of unknown authorship with a historical basis, serving to explain some event o Law stories evolve into truths o Truth is irrelevant in this matter because they seem true o Thomas theorem If we take and ideal and universally treat it as fact, it becomes true Takes on “facticity” Larger than life quality o Functions of myths Real in minds of believers Organize our views of crime Criminals Criminal justice system Rely on either testable data or a myth Maintain our prevailing views Stories rely on these established conceptions Creates a series of 3 understandings Creates other myths of crime Other myths of justice Fills in the gaps of what we do not know
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Unformatted text preview: Provide our social framework May not allow us from exploring new solutions On the other hand we feel very comfortable What the problems are, where to find solutions, what solutions are acceptable-Myth makers o Media Disproportionate amount of attention on a few isolated events Media liaison Promote fascinating stories to sell more stories if it bleeds it leads-the ideology of crime o crime spree against the elderly new stories new york state legislature passed new laws about crime against the elderly o Sociologist went back and found that news was slow o A series about crime against the elder was made o New york police liaison began to pick only stories about crime against the elderly o During this period in actuality crime declined-The power of myths makes us believe and do things-...
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2 Myths & Media - Provide our social framework May not...

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