3 Deprivation and Discrimination

3 Deprivation and Discrimination - Attempts to assign a...

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Deprivation and Discrimination - Interaction of prejudice & discrimination - A closer look at Discrimination - Measuring Discrimination - Reserve Discrimination - Example: Racism - A closer look at Discrimination o Deprivation To be deprived or denied certain rights and privileges Usually based on prejudicial thinking and discriminatory actions 2 types of deprivation relative o in comparison to others you don’t have what they have Absolute o You don’t have enough to live on o Substandard existence Doesn’t have to be absolute deprivation in order to qualify as a type of discrimination o Total Discrimination Past discrimination + Current Discrimination - Measuring Discrimination o It is difficult to measure the attitudes behind differential treatment o It is difficult to assign a number to it or a cost to it o The social distance or Bogardus scale Move out from the center in concentric circles to see which you would be the most comfortable with
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Unformatted text preview: Attempts to assign a level of racial discrimination-Reverse discrimination o Better qualified white men will be bypassed in favor of women & minorities-Racism o The belief that one race is inherently inferior or superior to another race o Intense racism Prior to civil rights movement it was the most prominent form No doubt in your mind that they are racist o Averse racism NOT HATRED Politically correct Negative feelings such as discomfort uneasiness, and fear Tries to act in non racist ways Avoid contact with people not of their race Usually find something else to blame o Institutional racism The denial of opportunities and rights within the normal operations of society Map example Tuskegee experiment • “Bad blood” • monitored the progesssion of syphilis • did not treat them...
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3 Deprivation and Discrimination - Attempts to assign a...

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