LEAD DOC - o Units with exterior lead contaminated soil-A...

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Objectives - health effects of lead exposure - conditions that cause lead poisoning - purpose of lead sampling - the difference between: o lead sampling technician (LST) o Risk assessor (RA) o Lead paint inspector(PI) - Lead is especially hazardous to children: o Loss of intelligence o Behavioral difficulties o Problems in school - Lead is also a danger to: o Pregnant women o Other adults - Lead poisoning does not always have symptoms - How do people get lead poisoned? o Dust and soil o Paint chips o Inhalation - What conditions cause poisoning? o Lead –based paint 1 Mg/cm^2 of lead .5% {5,000parts per million) o exposure from: lead- contaminated dust deteriorated paint lead-contaminated soil - where are hazardous conditions found? o Pre-1978 units o Units renovated or remodeled o Units in poor condition
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Unformatted text preview: o Units with exterior lead contaminated soil-A lead sampling technician is o A lead sampling technician has successfully completed training to: Perform a visual assessment Collect dust wipe samples-A lead sampling technician is NOT o A risk assessor Evaluates dwelling units to identify all potential lead hazards o A lead paint inspector Evaluates the painted surfaces in a unit to determine which surfaces have lead-based paint-Why is lead sampling important? o Lead sampling tells us If lead-contaminated dust is present If additional cleaning is necessary to protect children from lead poisoning-Summary: you now know VISUAL ASSESSMENT-why perform? o Determines...
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LEAD DOC - o Units with exterior lead contaminated soil-A...

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