3 Mythmakers

3 Mythmakers - o 1 rape per 5.5 mins o Merged Perceptions...

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- Mythmakers o Media o Govt o Merged - Myths o Elements - “Reality Shows” - other distortions - assignment #1 - Mythmakers o Media Media likes to use stories that seize the headlines Size of the media guides the type of stories published Ex. Small town front page (two way street becomes 1 way street) Editors put into papers what they feel people will find interesting o Govt The government has a vested interest in not changing the definitions of crime Determined that the main economic hit comes from upper class and middle class white collar crime Medicare fraud Insurance fraud Causes 8x the strain on national income It would cost the government too much to start pursing securities The crime clock A crime rate is expressed as a percentage of time o 1 murder per 33.9 mins
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Unformatted text preview: o 1 rape per 5.5 mins o Merged Perceptions given by the shows are lent credibility by having govt officials become witnesses-Reality shows o Cut out lots of boredom/surveillance work o Paperwork o Tedium o Explanations Sadness and tragedy taken out o Photos and stills of other crimes in order to spice things up o Leave out Beatings Constitutional violations Racist comments-Other distortions o Threat is left vague and out of context o Shortened up into virtuous heroes, innocent victims, evil villains o The bazaar the sexual the exotic o Pay little attention to the crimes people usually would face o Myth that the poor pray upon the rich Truth poor pray upon the poor...
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3 Mythmakers - o 1 rape per 5.5 mins o Merged Perceptions...

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