4 WHAT IS LAW - WHAT IS LAW? - The law is purposely...

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WHAT IS LAW?? - The law is purposely ambiguous o Allows for on the spot interpretation - What if we have a law on the books but is not enforced o Example speed regulations - What about practices not on the books that are enforced by cops o Freedom of assembly - If we enforced everything to the letter the American public would be furious - Cicero said o Law is the highest reason implanted in nature o Probably inapplicable to most of what we are doing - Key Terms for explaining the system o Civil Law System vs. Common Law Civil law Descended from Rome Boost with rise of napoleon Napoleonic Code Statutes, laws, and a special committee set aside to decide on these laws As much of the law as possible is written in your code Pretty much the world system A code committee reviews code and makes changes as necessary Predictable and stable Common Law Anglo-american form of law Use statutes, custom, and case law to set forth the law Stare decisis o Once something is decided the court has to justify
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4 WHAT IS LAW - WHAT IS LAW? - The law is purposely...

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