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- Erik Erikson o Societies create the only condition in which human growth is possible o Identity The establishment of an identity that is firmly embedded in a social matrix o The role playing self is not to be despised as hypocritical, we must cultivate it and find out how you can fit into society o Role experimentation o Role confusion o Identity diffusers Lack commitments to things such as occupational goals, religious faith, philosophy of life Little motivation to explore these things Relatively uncommon between college students o Foreclosers Habitually fell into their identity Have not engaged in the serious questioning phase Simply conforming to what their role expectations are Lack a sense of independence and automony Study diligently Appear happy, but often are unsure of their achievements
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Unformatted text preview: Overly refer to parents o Moratorium Period of delay and time out Want to engage in active exploration before they finally do commit Goal conflict You need to come out of this stage in life eventually. However it is not bad to spend some time in it o Identity achieved Passed through exploratory phase and have committed themselves to self chosen vocations and ideals Feeling of agency and that they have forged an identity Solved the identity crisis More identity accheievement by th time people are college seniors Relatively non conforming and self defined Rather confident Intrinsically motivated Receive higher college grades even when you control for basic intelligence...
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