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POLICE ENFORCEMENT - Donald black – styles of control o The actual police enforcement is largely reactive o Not proactive o 96% of crime is reported by citizens o the police do not have to necessarily write a report o many times vagrants deaths are just classified as miscellaneous death - STYLES OF SOCIAL CONTROL (Donald black) o Peacekeeping Standing there just as a presence Do a lot of non law processes Direct traffic Getting animals out of trees/yards Simply through presence they can assert their force o Conciliation Child caught shoplifting and the officer works out a deal with the store owner instead of pressing charges Tail light example o Therapeutic Connecting people to resources Don’t turn their backs they hear about problems and get involved
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Unformatted text preview: o Compensatory Actually require restitution and repayment Similar to conciliation Make sure compensation takes place o Presence When they are just standing there In order to keep people in line to discourage law breaking behavior Care in large area---no Foot in a focused area--- yes • Huge reduction in citizen fear-Clearance o 62.4% of murders solved o 55.6% of aggravated assault o 41.8% of forcible rape reported o 26.2% of robbery o 18.3% of Larceny o clearance rate is actually quite low-Due process and selective enforcement o Full enforcement would require that all crime is punished o This would exceed or resources and notion of justice o...
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