Scottsboro boys

Scottsboro boys - Horton decided that the evidence in the...

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1931 – Incident - 1 st Trial, all together, poor/no counsel 1932 – Alabama supreme courte aff’s Powell v. Alabama – right to counsel 1933 – 2 nd trial w/ ALD counsel - liebowitz - Liebowitz - explained the semen through his research against their claims before the train ride - Cali Broche was actually a fictional character from a boarding house in a story in the Saturday evening post - liebowitz turned the doctor’s testimony into one for the defense - liebotitz called all the boys to the stand in turn to deny ever having touched the two girls - Ruby Bates said that she said what she did because she was told to by price in order to avoid prison - the prosecution turned basically turned Ruby into a person who was bought by the communists - Liebowtiz called Alabama jury typical Bigots - Liebowitz wrote judge Horton to overturn the verdict and give a retrial
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Unformatted text preview: - Horton decided that the evidence in the defence, though it would destroy his career, was too much to ignore- attorney general Knight got Horton removed- the new judge Callahan becomes basically another prosecutor- all 9 boys were sent back to kilby prison’s death house- liebowitz appealed the trial one last time to the Alabama supreme court and then he would go to the supreme court of the US if he needed too- Liebowitz said that since none of the jury was black their right to a trial of their peers was violated- Alabama had deliberately excluded blacks from the trial- state officials said that they would parole the defendants but Samuel liebowitz had to go- Liebowitz had no choice but to give in he stepped aside for the 4 th trial while a southern attorney took over the case-...
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