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Participant observation - observer effects o how much do you change your behavior because you know someone is watching o we see that they wear off after about 2 weeks and people just go back into their normal way of life o some of the most important and accurate information you can gather Ethics - How much are you allowed to interfere - IRB o Institutional review board o They review what you can and cannot do o You need to go through them in order to get any kind of grant - Tearoom trade o How do first timers negotiate the problem of finding another male who wants to “participate” in an activity when they don’t know o Could have possibly tipped off and destroyed a family o Lots of illegal information gathered o Bias - it is possible for you to be very bias or very agreeable with the process
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Unformatted text preview: SOURCES OF LAW-Main sources o Jerusalem Talks about transcendent natural laws A lot of people contend the 10 commandments transcend all cultures times and places Creator with a text o Athens Not monolithic god Same type of law Clearly believes that there is a right and wrong and if you conform you will thrive, if you ignore it you will peril o Bible What we encorporate • 10 commandments – do not kill, steal, adultery, perjury • every person has an intrinsic worth (image of God) • crimes should be punished (lex talonis NO MORE THAN AN EYE) • some aspect of mercy • two-witnesses for death cases •...
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