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6 Exploration stage

6 Exploration stage - Acceptance • Accept how the client...

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Exploration stage - Carl Rogers o We are born good We are born with an inherent ogranizmic valuing process With a natural ability to value ourselves and our emotions and instincts Desire to strive for creative growth o Conditions of worth Deter children from establishing a true sense of self In extreme cases can become pathology by inhibiting growth o Children gain defenses to protect themselves against (don’t be angry) Instead of angry they may become guilty by feeling that emotion Maybe withdrawn or depressed o Reintegration When a person starts to increase positive self-regard Can happen if a helper accepts a person just as they are they can begin to re-integrate these things Client can begin to trust their inner self and experience again o Therapeutic triad Genuineness Open to both my own and your feelings Drop roles images and facades Self-disclosure in order to make self a real person
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Unformatted text preview: Acceptance • Accept how the client is feeling • Don’t reject it Empathy • I can non judgmentally reflect your feelings o Very indirect intervention and may be necessary for more direct from a helper-3 goals for the Exploration stage o Building Report Getting to know your client Gaining trust of the client Non verbal/verbal talking that helps the client feel cared for “prized” Non possessive love and genuine caring o Tapping into emotions “mental health can be defined as allowing oneself to have a whole range of feelings and expressing these feelings in an appropriate manor” o Learning about the client Can be done in many different ways • Informally • Formally o Possibly even a survey o Initial intake • Go down a formal list of things in your head...
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6 Exploration stage - Acceptance • Accept how the client...

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