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11 beginning the session

11 beginning the session - -How to open a session o...

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- things to tell the client o should go over rules of conduct o hours o phone numbers/contact information - Reassurance o Make the client more comfortable by normalizing their experience o Provide hope Coming is the first step to recovery We are going to work together to get over it - Closed questions if you want a very specific piece of information - Self disclosure for exploration o Here it is appropriate to disclose information about yourself in order to build report - Use silence in order to think for yourself or to let your client think o When the therapeutic process is successful it is slower than normal conversation - Our job is to have the client so into their story that they don’t even notice our
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Unformatted text preview: -How to open a session o Introduce yourself Name What you wanna be called Maybe tell them your degree Say something about your position • I’m a counselor • I’m a therapist o We will be meeting today for _______ (session length) o I will collect information about why you are here o At the end we can talk about returning o Then right into confidentiality 3 reasons to break • danger to self • danger to others • abuse o Then have them sign a consent to be treated o Do you have any questions about this process? o Say something about the reason why you are about to start taking some notes o Then we ask what brings you here today?...
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