SOCIAL CHANGE - o The continuum Rumor and Gossip Fashions...

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SOCIAL CHANGE - Social movements - Social movement theories - Acts of non violence vs. acts of violence - - Social injustices o Classism o Racism o Sexism o Ageism o Other Can it stop at awareness? - need a plan of action? o BOTH o Collectively o Individually - Collective behavior o Involves large numbers of people o Often spontaneous o Sometimes controversial o Includes social movements o Usually involves the action of some collectivity Localized collectivities: crowds Herbert Blumer- - Casual crowd - Conventional crowd o You go there for a specific purpose - Expressive crowd o Very emotional crowd - Acting crowd - Protest crowd o People who come together for social change Strikes Boycotts Sit ins - Mob - Highly emotional Crowd that pursues a violent or destructive goal - Riot - A social eruption that is highly emotional, violent, and undirected Dispersed collectives - Mass behavior o Collective behavior among people dispersed over a wide geographic area
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Unformatted text preview: o The continuum Rumor and Gossip Fashions and fads Public opinions and propaganda Panic and mass hysteria SOCIAL MOVEMENTS-Organized activities that encourage or discourage social change. Social movments are: o Collective o Promote or resist large-scale change o Use non-institutional means-Types o Alternative social movements Seek only limited change in very specific individuals Ex. Promise keepers o Redemptive Seeks change in individuals Specific but radical from the norm o Revolutionary social movements Most extreme of all Seeks RADICAL CHANGE in everyone SOCIAL MOVEMENT THEORIES-Deprivation theory o Inadequate food, clothing, shelter can trigger a revolution o When the gap is large between what you get and what you need it is intolerable and you have nothing to loose Djk23 Tla2 Nrv3 Djq2...
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SOCIAL CHANGE - o The continuum Rumor and Gossip Fashions...

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