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Bi Sci 001 - reactions Cofactors coenzymes(such as FAD and...

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Bi Sci 001 Monday February 22, 1999 Announcements: Review Session tonight cancelled, so are office hours for tomorrow. Lecture notes: Reactants : organic and inorganic substances able to enter into a reaction; also called substrates or precursors. Metabolites (intermediates): compounds being funneled through a metabolic pathway; often, intermediate forms in assembly or breakdown reactions. Enzymes : proteins that serve as catalysts (substances that speed up chemical
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Unformatted text preview: reactions) Cofactors : coenzymes (such as FAD and NAD+) and metal ions that help enzymes catalyze a reaction or that carry atoms or molecules stripped from the substrate to another site. Energy carriers : mainly ATP, which readily donates energy to diverse reactions. End products : the substances present at the conclusion of a metabolic pathway....
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