8 AGING IN THE AMERICAN FAMILY - Changes as we age o Mental...

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AGING IN THE AMERICAN FAMILY - The Grandparental role - Social Gerontology - Demography - Social issues - Care giving role The Grandparental Role - Role o Norms that specify the behavior required of a person in that position - We are socialized into the roles we hold - The role we will play as a grandparent will most likely be that of our favorite grandparent Social Gerontology - Chronological age o Actual age NUMBER - Functional age o The age which you act - Biological Aging o Scenesence o Biological theories of aging o Physical changes with age Bones and muscles The heart Respiratory system Urinary tract Skin hair vision Taste hearing smell o Longevity enhancement techniques DHEA HGH Caloric Restriciton Telomere therapy Cloning/ organ replacement Cryonics - Psychological Aging o Mental functioning
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Unformatted text preview: Changes as we age o Mental illness Often present Depression = #1 o Adaptive capabilities o Sometimes we see personality changes Continuity theory would disagree-Social aging o Lots of theories o Disengagement theory Basically as you get older you should disengage from society Remove yourself from parts of society Prepare themselves for death o Age norms o Age deviance o Age stereotypes o Aging enterprises o Age passing Demographics-Average life span o Increasing-Centenarians-Population pyramids IF YOU ARE A FEMALE 18 + YOU HAVE AN 89% CHANCE OF BECOMING A CAREGIVER to a parent You cannot diagnose Alzheimer’s till death So now we call it dementia of the Alzheimer’s type...
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8 AGING IN THE AMERICAN FAMILY - Changes as we age o Mental...

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