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Police Behavior

Police Behavior - Police Behavior John Allen Scottsboro...

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Police Behavior John Allen Scottsboro - Police rely on social cues: o Dress, manner, bearing o Ex. Doctor o The truck example - Police working personality o Authority o Danger o Working cynicism o Stoicism o Fairness o People seen as objects - Techniques in the “gray zone” o Arrests o Searches Seize lots of drugs, money, and weapons Don’t have a case in court but you will force gangs to take care of themselves o Seizures (RICO) Powers can be abused Ex. Texas state troopers swept down on a fundamentalist branch of mormon church polygamist sect where young women are being taken advantage of o Petty crime enforcement If you have been in jail on petty crimes multiple times Cop will pull you over for small crimes in order to put a warrant out for your arrest incase you commit more crime in the future - John Allen o Reform school = school for crime Practiced stealing cars on the warden’s car every week o System created a opposition to change Secondary deviance
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