Non experimental strategies

Non experimental strategies - Behavior is observed as it...

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Non experimental strategies - there are 3 types of non experimental designs o Descriptive o Quasi experimental o Ordinal - Descriptive research o Observing and systematically recording some particular behaviors for the purpose of better describing the behavior in question o Some common descriptive designs include: Archival data methods Naturalistic Observation Structured test methods Large-scale surveys o Archival Research Archival records are documents that can be found in university libraries and government buildings Common: Data on birth weights and rates Death rates and causes of death Weather reports Crime rates Sales of certain products And many more! Often involves content analysis – The objective description, classification and evaluation of previous research o Naturalistic ovservation The researcher obsereves subjects behavior in a natural or normal setting without trying to interfere Undisguised observation Non-participant Participant Disguised observation ADVANTAGES:
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Unformatted text preview: Behavior is observed as it happens in a natural setting • Free from reactivity effects DISADVANTAGES: • Can take a very long time • No knowledge or control of events that cannot be seen • Observer bias-Structured Test Methods o Involves setting up or structuring some test situation to determine how individuals behave Designed to either increase or decrease the likelihood of a certain behavior Help to increase the frequency of the behavior of interest-Large-Scale Surveys o Conducted to describe the behaviors or characteristics f a population Lists of questions that participants are asked to answer Must have representative samples. • Why? o Advantages Easy to conduct Generate lots of data in a short period of time Can be on virtually any topic o Disadvantages Nonresponse bias Social desirability bias o Data can be analyzed by various methods, but most often simple descriptive statistics are used...
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Non experimental strategies - Behavior is observed as it...

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