7 Paying attention and listening

7 Paying attention and listening - o interruptions o your...

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Paying attention and listening - “E” Eye contact o try to keep eye contact with your client o not extreme but make it obvious o facial expressions - “N” head Nods o gives the client the sense that you are with them - “C” Cultural issues o be aware of “display rules” the rules in someones culture about how they can display emotion even thinking about in gender (men don’t cry) o be very cautious of touch especially between sex - “O” Open stance toward the client o do not close yourself off - “U” ummhmmm verbalization o affirm the clients statements - “R” RELAX and BE NATURAL - “A” Avoid distracting non verbal behaviors
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Unformatted text preview: o interruptions o your own fidgeting o note taking o only really take notes during initial assessments -G Grammatical style o dont talk over or beneath the client o pay attention to how much you want to match peoples language o your comfort level with their language-E listen with a third Ear o not only what they are saying but how they are saying it and what that might mean o how does it fit in o what are they really trying to say (are they trying to intimidate with their language)-S use Space appropriately...
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