IMMEDIACY - -Be present in the session and listen to your...

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IMMEDIACY - Reveal something about how you are interacting or communicating - Disclose your perceptions of the client, to the client in the here and now - In the psychodynamic tradition, this is very important - Example o If the client is showing up late for every appointment this would bring up feelings o Then you tell them about it and your feelings on it - You will get to know your client and be more aware of their boundaries How its done - You need to be in the room enough to notice your reactions - You could reveal something about the client’s outside life to them
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Unformatted text preview: -Be present in the session and listen to your own feelings-You need to have a sense of curiosity o Why are they acting the way they are-Sense of immediacy is the correct tactic to use o You will know when the client is ready to hear it-Process all of what you have done and see how it makes the client feel o “have other people said this to you”-A lot of the work can become between the group members-Can use it to help the client identify maladaptive behaviors You seem to be very self-deprecating and you sound depressed...
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