Dilemmas of Democracy

Dilemmas of Democracy - o No ex post facto laws No laws...

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Dilemmas of Democracy Mason, Madison Constitutional Provisions History Purpose Application Dilemmas of Democracy – II The Threat MASON - read the writings of john Locke o believed there were inherent freedoms o wanted to create a space of freedom in which people could discuss things o people are rational and reasonable and entitled to certain rights - believed that if you have a constitution that you need to state up front what the certain rights of your people are - masons ideas passed to Madison who passed them to Jefferson - felt that slavery needed to be outlawed - mason campaigned against the US constitution until a bill of rights was put in how much freedom are we willing to give up in order to reduce crime Constitutional provisions - History o Writ of habeus corpus Makes the state prove that they are justifiably holding a criminal
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Unformatted text preview: o No ex post facto laws No laws after the fact o Trial of all crimes except impeachment are held by a jury Impeachment is held by senate You are tried in which the state you are accused/arrested o Treason was a very broad term that basically referred to anything the king didn’t like usually ended in death IN the U.S. it is • Levying war • Aiding or comforting enemies o Hearsay rule People may testify only from personal knowledge Cannot hear things through gossip 23 excpetions • like if someone is dying o attainder of treason not in America o Amendment 4 written in response to what the biritish did as far as search and seizure Probably cause • Reasonable basis for belief that a crime has been committed...
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Dilemmas of Democracy - o No ex post facto laws No laws...

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