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11 Natural law

11 Natural law - No ex post facto laws Agreement on the...

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Natural law Relevant verses Problems, opportunities Results Goalls Evolution Beccaria/ Beathem NATRUAL LAW - Relevant verses - Problems/opportunities o Not even the 10 commandments can be a clear call as o A lot of the laws we have made are not consistent with the biblical worldview o The biblical worldview is not consistant to where we have gone economically and socially Women would have to leave the home during their period Witchcraft is a punishable offence, so no freedom of religion o Practical problems (with using the bible to make law) Not all concepts fit with current notions of liberty Not comprehensive Have to reason by analogy Ex. Salem witchcraft o What is witchcraft
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Unformatted text preview: No ex post facto laws Agreement on the bible (what version of the bible?) Our conception of God’s law is dim due to sin o Opportunities Use principles, not necessarily laws word for word • Focus on the sanctity of human life • Respect for property • Respect for other people (not necessarily just their lives) • People held accountable for what they do Accuracy of the system Insistence of minimum evidentiary standards No oppression of widows, orphans, aliens, poor persons Penalties had to be proportional (lex talonis) Restitution • Fines are paid to the state instead of to the victim •...
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